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Researchers have discovered the importance of career guidance, career self-management and talent management, but very few researchers have explored these topics in relation to the legal profession.


Whether you work in HR or senior partner, this report will  help you understand a wide-range of issues related to early career lawyers, including:

  • expectations of their line managers
  • what attracted young lawyers to specific organisations 
  • longer term career plans of early career lawyers
  • retention expectations

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"I think that it is important in the firm that fee-earners are given the opportunity to second to different offices, departments and organisations if it would aid the business."

Survey respondent


Laura Brammar

Report author, careers consultant

''Are you meeting the career development expectations of your best talent?  Do you even know what their career development expectations are? These questions were the starting point for our research; we believe that the more organisations recognise and understand the career development expectations of their staff, the more likely they are to not only meet but surpass those expectations. The result can be stronger performance, sustained organisational commitment and improved retention. This research gives us all, recruiter, graduates and careers professionals a fascinating insight into what graduate recruits want, need and expect in terms of their career development."

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